Success Story: Evity



Position: Vice President of Sales

Why Evity came to us:

Evity was an angel-funded technology start up with limited funds and a short window of opportunity.  They needed talent quickly but did not have the funds to pay high-priced % based recruiting fees.  Evity knew our hourly search model would fit their needs perfectly.

How we helped:

Evity sought executive level talent in Sales and an operational staff to help grow their business.  We scoured for talent locally and state-wide that had e-business experience and more important had the personality that would work well in an early stage start-up.

The result:

RG Search placed 25% of the company's employees, including the VP of Sales. He and another placement were instrumental in bringing BMC Software as a potential suitor for their acquisition.  Evity was acquired by BMC for $100 million and all of the placements were retained by BMC.

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