Success Story: M3 Design

M3 Design

M3 Design

Position: Director of Design Research

Why M3 Design came to us:

M3 needed someone to build a Design Research discipline within their current business so that within three years, it was producing a third of their revenue and involving half of their projects. M3 knew this search was going to be challenging with so few people in the highly specialized field of Design Research ... even fewer with the level of expertise and business building ability that they sought.

How we helped:

First, we scoured the nation reaching out to leaders in Design Research — Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Columbus, Ohio (yes, that's right, Columbus). Then, we cast a vision of the opportunity that was challenging and compelling to attract A-Players. We were told over and over by these leaders of their struggle to hire for this same role within their own firms.

The result:

We presented four candidates, one of which was chosen from a Tier 1 design studio — a perfect match. M3 also used our hourly retained search model and saved more than 75% over a typical commission-based fee structure.


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