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Why You Are Having Trouble Recruiting and What to Do About It

As a recruiter in Austin, I read article after article about the talent shortage here, especially in technology, engineering, online marketing and the life sciences 

Recruitment Problems

In Defense of Exclusive Recruiting Arrangements

Last year, I was contacted by the VP of R&D of a medical device company who was growing his team and was looking for recruiting assistance.  After discussions and due diligence, he decided to work with us on an exclusive basis.

What to Look for When Finding and Working with a Recruiter – Part 1

If you're a hiring manager and have ever needed hard-to-find talent, chances are you have worked with a recruiter, and if you have -- I sincerely hope it has been a good experience.

I've heard anecdotes from my clients about experiences with recruiters ranging from stellar to disastrous. If you are one of the unfortunate people to have had a bad experience, or you just want to be proactive and ensure your recruiting success, well, this post is for you.

How to Get the Truth in an Interview: Perspectives from a Search Firm

Resumes paint the picture that the candidate wants to convey – highlighting successes and accomplishments over their career.  A résumé doesn’t tell you about the bad stuff - about their mistake that helped get their company an FDA warning letter, or the miscalculation that delayed a project by months.

The Art of Sourcing A-Player Candidates

If I conducted a survey of my clients for whom I recruit asking them what they would say is the most daunting part of the overall recruiting process, I'd predict that 9 of 10 would say finding, or sourcing, the A-player candidates.  To most hiring managers, this process is a necessary evil – and most have had bad experiences with it...but planned and executed well, sourcing can position your organization to be exceedingly successful. 

How to develop a competitive advantage through recruiting - Part 2

In this series, we're discussing key aspects of building an effective recruiting process that can give your organization a sustained competitive advantage.  For part two, we'll focus on a few fundamental philosophies and mindsets that are critical to your success in recruiting.  

Commit to Hiring the Best Talent and Fit

How to develop a competitive advantage through recruiting - Part 1

Why do some companies thrive, while others fail? One word: Talent. Hiring the wrong person can cost a company millions of dollars, and hiring the right people is essential for enabling a company’s success. Recruiting top talent in the medical device industry is highly competitive, and there are wide ranging philosophies on the best way to do this and develop a best in class organization.

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