How to develop a competitive advantage through recruiting - Part 1

Why do some companies thrive, while others fail? One word: Talent. Hiring the wrong person can cost a company millions of dollars, and hiring the right people is essential for enabling a company’s success. Recruiting top talent in the medical device industry is highly competitive, and there are wide ranging philosophies on the best way to do this and develop a best in class organization.

Most of you are all too familiar with the scenario: you have a critical hiring need, and you really needed the right person in this role weeks ago. You wonder…should I post the job and if so, where? Should I retain a recruiter? How do I ensure I am hiring the right person for this role? Once I decide on a candidate, how do I get them to accept my offer and what is my risk that they would just turn around and use my offer to negotiate a counter offer from their current employer?

Over the next few weeks, I will be walking us through three key areas of the recruiting process: sourcing, interviewing and hiring. I will share advice and best practices to hire the best talent to fit your organizational goals. Our next segment will focus on laying out foundational philosophies that are important to being successful when it comes to recruiting.